DOCUMENTARY / A 2009-2010 / DIGI BETA / 45 & 52 MINUTES
pretv produces 3 episodes of the ORF series “Menschen und Mächte” (People and Powers) specifically about the second world war.


World War II, the wholesale death unleashed by Adolf Hitler, starts with the invasion of Poland and ends in 1945 as the most horrific catastrophe of the 20th century. After the “Anschluss“ or annexation and in the subsequent war years, more than 1.2 million Austrians are conscripted into the army. The ordered deployment at the front resulted in the death of around 250,000. Most of them died on the Russian front and during fighting against the increasing superiority of the Red Army while retreating.

The largest catastrophe of the 20th century cost the lives of at least 55 million people. This included 6 million Jews who became victims of the holocaust and 4 million relatives of various national groups who died in the ethnic wars of annihilation