Foto © Julia Varkonyi


Six-part TV Documentary


Even during the age of rapidly advancing mechanization humans in certain areas still use animals as workers. With their special capabilities and specific senses they can master tasks that neither man nor machine can cope with (or when, then only at a cost that is considerable and often much too high).
The six-part television series “Animal work” tells about some of these animals that are irreplaceable. Each of the six episodes of approximately 30 minutes duration portrays one animal and his owner. The focus here is on the normal working day they share. Their intensive work – a work in which man and beast enter a symbiosis, and which is often preceded by many years of training – produces a special relationship between the two: A partnership that is basically very different from the relationship that develops between man and his livestock or pets.
The films tell very personal stories about these partnerships and follow the trail to their secrets. The viewer gets to know not only the areas – often spectacular ones – in which man and animal work together, but he especially gets a deeper insight into their very being, their capabilities, behaviour, instincts, emotions, and finally: into their individual personality traits.